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Gem: An Introduction.

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Gemini (Photo credit: Justinsanity)

Gem is my Gemini twin. We often engage in elaborate conversations. From philosophy to health informatics. From marketing to dermatology, we discuss everything.

 Knowing me is not knowing Gem. Gem is a believer and a communist at the same time, because Gem can live with contradictions. Gem is kiddish in some ways and believes that god can punish bad behaviour. At times Gem can be old and see death looming around every corner. Gem is opportunistic but pragmatic. Gem is shrewd and almost emotionless. You can never insult Gem. Gem is alone and happy to be so.

“So what should I discuss now?” Gem asks. “Should I teach you morality or should i teach you how to abstract health data?”

What is the relation between the two. I am confused.

“Let the unpredictable tomorrow decide the topic. But if I am in control, You see this symbol <>at the beginning. Otherwise you can discuss your mundane issues.”

“OK, Fine with me!”