Sweet Scam – Part 1

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Sweet Scam – Part 1

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Hey.. This is not about the top 10 Indian scams this year! I have used SCAM here as an acronym for a Specialist in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. And you must be wondering who is the SCAM I am referring to. He is none other than Dr M.V.Prasad, who proposed a revolutionary sweet treatment for diabetes.

Though I am an allopathic doctor, my intention here is not to set a partisan tone to a debate on its credibility. In this and subsequent posts, (probably it may take quite a few posts to complete this and I don’t blog frequently) I will blabber on the philosophy of such scams (believe me guys, no pun intended.) BTW Dr Prasad is not even a SCAM, He passed MBBS in 1995, from Calicut medical college, and is presently working as Asst.surgeon at PHC, Kenichira. Since laddoo is not the conventional treatment for diabetes, let us give him the title of SCAM and continue with the discussion of his revolutionary methodology in the next post.

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