CRAZY IDEA – 1 [Smart Traffic Signal]

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CRAZY IDEA – 1 [Smart Traffic Signal]

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Traffic congestion, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Todays ‘CRAZY’ idea is for reducing the congestion in certain intersections.
If the traffic signals at intersection are not efficiently timed, it can lead to traffic congestion. Ideally the green signal duration should be proportional to the traffic load in the segment. Right now (where I live) the duration is static and preset based on available data. But the pattern of traffic may change depending on time of day and diversions leading to congestion in certain directions, during certain time of the day.
My idea is to have ‘smart signals’ which can adjust the duration of signal based on traffic load. This can be implemented by setting up radar at a certain distance from the signal that can calculate the average speed of the vehicles near the signal. The average speed of vehicles will drop if there is congestion. The duration of green signal should be inversely proportional to average vehicle speed.

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