Vembanad Kayal to Lake Ontario

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Vembanad Kayal to Lake Ontario

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Though this particular post was not about Kerala (It was more about me!), because of the popularity of this post among tourists seeking information about Kerala I have decided to give it a facelift. The enchanting backwaters of Kerala (often called the Venice of the east) is sure to mesmerize you, if you have not explored it already. India’s decision to grant visa on arrival for travellers from 180 countries is an icing on the cake for many who wanted to explore Kerala. We do have some problems to sort out, but if the leaders show some more commitment, I am sure we will reach the top of the list of world’s best tourist destinations. Come join us! The backwaters beckons you! with 44 rivers, a vast network of lakes, 1000 miles of labyrinthine canals, snake boat races, over 300 species of birds and floating markets!!

Finally I made that giant leap I promised Fizzy, from Lake Vembanad to Lake Ontario, across the “small” pond. The dive was uneventful so far (touch wood), but I have just started swimming. Infact the first plunge was rather cold. (Did I expect the water to be friendly like lake Vembanad or luke warm like the swimming pool on the 100th floor of the Dubai apartment building!?) So here I am, sitting in the sleepy city of Hamilton, wrapped around the western tip of Lake Ontario, blogging in broad daylight at 8PM, soaking up the last few days of summer, awaiting my first winter, exciting times for a person who has never seen snow, except for the artificial one in Dubai.

The transition from the leprosy camps in Kumbakonam to beautifying emirates’ crew was not painful. Hope this transition from the world of beauty to that of data and computers would be smooth too. I have always loved the computers more than the scalpel or the needle.

I could touch base with few old friends before the plunge. Though yet to explore, Niagra is just 45 minutes drive from here, a dream destination for another friend. Henceforth I will be blogging about Hamilton too, but on my better half’s advice, I shall leave the cold waters of lake Ontario behind and embrace the warmth of new friendships, new culture and the (reassuring) buzz of intel i7 crunching numbers!

Till the backwaters call me back!

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