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Life of Pi

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Yesterday I watched the movie, Life of Pi. I have read the book but I never understood what the author was alluding to. The 3D was not necessary, I believe and it did not enhance the visual experience much. But somehow the 3D glasses helped me to have a peek inside and I think, I know what it all means now. I may be wrong, but hey, this is my blog and this is my story!

Mr Patel was passionate about Indian culture and was enjoying the potpourri of east and the west in the picturesque town of Pondicherry, now called Puducherry. BTW Puducherry actually means ‘new town’ and not new cherry. But he was forced to migrate to the French Canadian city of Montreal along with his family in his adolescence.

It was a culture shock for him and he found it difficult to adjust though the rest of his family integrated well. The rebel in him revolted against many things and he was supported in his initial days only by his mother. But ultimately he left everyone and everything and started a lone struggle against the foreign and unknown in the company of his rebellious alter ego. It was hard for him. But ultimately he realized that every culture, however serene, has a shared carnivorous underbelly.

After this revelation he took a plunge into the unknown without even a second look and Mr Patel became Mr Richard Parker and lived happily ever after in Montreal with his wife and 2 kids. So my story has a happy ending. Please comment, if you have a different story 🙂