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Peel Score

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Before I start, Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all.

I have been trying to give a facelift to my skin deep blog. Its position keeps fluctuating between 1 and 10 on google for the search string ‘dermatology blog’. Recently I started reviewing dermatological devices and products on skin deep blog. Then I realised that I need a grading / rating system for technologies.

Dermatological laser
Dermatological laser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Star rating is too common. I wanted to use a more innovative system like the cow rating by tucows for software. Finally I espoused ‘peels’ and called it ‘peel score’! I defined 1 peel to 5 peels grading. I took a photo of a peeled orange with my mobile and wrote a php script to automatically generate the html code.

You can see the result here. This is how the rating will appear. peel rating
My Rating: 5 peels
What is peel score?

Feel free to use this grading system in your blog or website if you too critically evaluate dermatological devices and products. I have just started using it in my blog. I gave full five peels for the new laser system from philips and 3 peels for the theory that dopamine agonists may be useful in hirsutism.