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Is there more to yoga than exercise?

Yoga at Wanderlust
Image by aquababe via Flickr
Today I read an article titled “jeevithayogam” about yoga in Malayala Manorama – Health. Though the title of this blog post may seem negative, I personally have no doubts about the many positive effects of yoga. In fact I have copied the title from an article published recently. We even provide yoga classes in our AestheticHoliday. I believe that Yoga is one of the most  intelligently contrived placebo treatment in the world. I must again stress that I am a strong supporter of the placebo effect and I don’t consider it an aberration that needs to be accounted for
However the focus of this article mentioned above is not about yoga itself. The author claims that the west has started to accept yoga by quoting few attractive names and studies. In fact it is little difficult to read these names in malayalam script. If cute names and studies can garner credibility, we may still be far behind acupuncture, and traditional chinese medicine. Here is what I found on pubmed.
1. Search for yoga  (779 results)
2. Search for acupuncture.  (8921 results)
3. Chinese Medicine (3069 results)
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