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The transgenerational conflict

English: This is a recreated vector image in S...
English: This is a recreated vector image in SVG. The original “Human_evolution_scheme.png” was made by José-Manuel Benitos. The following was stated by the original author: “Simplified scheme of human evolution, it does not try to be trustworthy, but a symbol of this process” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Today I read a well structured and exceptionally comprehensive review of the theories and evolutionary significance of ageing. The author argues that ageing may not be a fortuitous consequence of post-reproductive decline of evolutionary selective pressure as “Evolutionary Theories of Ageing” (ETA) suggest but a phylogenetically conserved, signalling pathway controlled inexorable progression towards death. As Anti-ageing and its pragmatic cousin graceful-ageing are pivotal to cosmetic dermatology, we should be aware of the evolutionary significance of ageing. The author substantiates, based on 400,000 published scientific papers, out of which 4000 have been referred in this monumental paper, that ageing may not even be a group selection process due to resource limitation but a individual germ-soma conflict over the utilization of resources. A transgenerational conflict between germline cells and soma is happening inside you!!